Welcome to
Grace Primitive Baptist Church
349 Cross Park Drive
Pearl, Mississippi 39208
Elder David Pyles, Pastor

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. - Ephesians 3:21

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Worship With Us By The New Testament Pattern

Regular Services
Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am
Sunday Evenings at 6:00 pm
Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm
Special Event Schedule (per 4/2/24)
Our Beliefs & Practices
Introduction and Welcome
Articles of Faith
Doctrinal Abstract

Schoolmaster, 2nd ed. (New)
Prophecy Primer, 3rd ed. (New)
Principles of Practice in the N.T. Church
Perfections of Grace
Russian Translations

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Two Interpretations of John 3:16 (New)
Samson (New)
Ruth (New)
Micah - A Lesson in Luck (New)
The Ideology of Indifference (New)
Examples of Scientific Accuracy in the Bible
Implications of Psallo for Church Music
Why You Should Believe the Bible
Bible Teachings on Civil Government
The Apostles on the Olivet Discourse
The New Heavens and Earth
Other Recommended Literature

Other Audio/Video
Foundations of Church Practice
Socialism Versus Capitalism

Short Essays
"Cherry Pickers" Life and Light How Many Jameses?
The Hem of the Garment The Nazarite Vow Time and Judgment
Hyper-Calvinism? Tower of Babel Reconciling the Resurrection Accounts
The Original Mississippi Baptists Cain and Abel Faith and Works
Science Falsely So Called "The Truth Shall Make You Free" "Coronavirus" is Well-Named
Musical Instruments in Worship Rioters and Protesters "Free Will"
The Wounded Head Complete In Christ Do Christians Observe Holy Days?
"Offer it to Thy Governor" An Altar of Dirt Being Righteous Over Much
Keeping "Foot" in the House of God Jesus on Scripture Except a Man be Born Again
An Evil Under the Sun Being Faithful in That Which Is Least Taking a Dog by the Ears
Prosperity and Adversity Providing for Our Own Salt of the Earth
Women Preachers? Predestination Mercy on Whom He Will Have Mercy
Effectual Calling Judge Not, That Ye be Not Judged Preparations of the Heart
A New Creature in Christ The Lord Speaks to the Lord Affirmed Constantly
Jesus on Forgiveness A Poor Man Saves the City Reconciled by His Death
The Interrogation of Job "What Think Ye of Christ?" Stumbling-Blocks
The Destruction of the Amalekites Idleness - The Ruin of Sodom The Fruit of the Spirit
The Natural Man "Sing, O Barren" Faith is Evidence
Reality Versus Realization "A Double Portion of Thy Spirit" "A Child Shall Write Them"
"Cast It Unto The Potter" "High and Lifted Up" False Accusers
Taking Heed to Doctrine The Wedding Feast The Counsel of the Ungodly
Baptism by Immersion A Different Worldview Daniel in the Den of Liars
The Reprobate Mind Conspiracy Theories Virtual Church?

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